Neo Noir Styled Shoot Blade Runner - Dystopian Adventure - Sci-Fi Punk

The Style Notes

The styling of this shoot is a purely indulgent escape into a dystopian world. Combining elements of punk, sci-fi, drama and gothic passion this is an alternative concept that is perfect for the daring and adventurous couple! 

The dramatic colour palette combines the deepest of reds and muted tones to really accent the backdrop of the shoot - which comes together to create a wedding theme that is unique and truly unconventional. 

I love the boldness and unapolgetic nature of this styling - and the bladrerunner inspired bouquet and buttonhole were a joy to make for such a fun shoot.

Alternative wedding buttonholes

- The Gallery -

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    "Sometimes to love someone you have got to be a stranger."


    The Dystopian Team!

    Bouquet & Buttonhole - Me!

    Concept & Photographer - NickiKomorowskiPhotography

    Filming - @lukebatchelorproductions

    Location -  Secret in R0chester

    Brides outfit and styling - @the_robingroom

    Models – @real_life_couple_models

    Headpiece - @dchainlane

    Hair - @blackcherryhairandbeauty

    Make up - larajamesmakeup

    Cake - @baketothefuturebylou

    Jewellery – @bridalrevivaluk

    Ring - @lawley_design

    Temporary Tattoos – @dorisloves

    Invitations - @lacerauk

    Feeling Inspired?